Undergraduate Tuition Fee Grants



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The scheme derives from the intention of the Trust Founder, Andrew Carnegie,

“to render attendance at the Universities of Scotland and the enjoyment of their advantages more available to the deserving and qualified youth of Scotland to whom the payment of fees might act as a barrier”.

The scheme aims to support students who do not receive government funding towards the costs of their tuition fees following withdrawal from a previous course of study, academic repeats or because of their residence status.

Applicants must demonstrate that their financial circumstances will hinder access to their chosen course of study when making a request for funding to the Carnegie Trust.

Quick guide to making a tuition fee application

Step 1: Read the Regulations and Guidelines

Step 2: Download and complete the Application form

Step 3: Scan all the required supporting evidence (max size 2MB)

Step 4: Complete the online submission form and upload all your documents

Step 5: Submit the online submission form before the deadline (30 November 2017, 5PM)

Step 6: Check the confirmation email to ensure all the information provided is correct and files have gone through

Note: If you experience any technical problems when submitting your application online, contact the Trust immediately by email or by phone: 01383 724 990.

Further opportunities for Undergraduates

Further funding for undergraduates is available through the Vacation Scholarships. These awards are open to students in the penultimate year of their undergraduate degree who wish to undertake an independent research project during the summer months. Read more.