Following the completion of the peer review process for the September 2015 Research Incentive Grants, a total of 35 new projects have been awarded funding. For this round,

  • 125 applications were submitted
  • 7 applications were judged ineligible
  • 35 awards were made, 19 of these were in Arts, Humanities or Social Sciences and 16 in Science, Technology and Engineering
  • The overall success rate was 29.7%
  • The total amount awarded was £212,386 and the average value of award was £6,068.

The proportion of awards by university is as follows:

Proportion of awards by universityProportion of awards by university













A summary report details the success rate for each university and provides the names of the successful applicants and the titles of the research projects.

The next deadline for this scheme is 15th March 2016, 5PM.

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