Earlier in 2016 the Trust carried out a review of its funding schemes which included a comprehensive survey of former grant recipients under the various undergraduate, postgraduate and research funding streams. 

The aim of the surveys was to enable the Trust to gain better insights into the relevance of the available funding, collate feedback from applicants and award holders regarding the Trust’s funding and administrative process and measure the impact of the various funding schemes.

Over a thousand individuals were contacted and a total of 341 completed questionnaires, leaving a 32% response rate overall.

In parallel, the Trust looked back at application and award data over the last five years to provide a clearer picture of the profile of applicants, types of project supported and outcomes enabled by the awarded funding.

Downloadable reports summarise the finding from both the data analysis and the surveys for the following schemes:

Undergraduate Fee Assistance

Vacation Scholarships

Carnegie Cameron Bursaries

PhD Scholarships

Research Incentive Grants

Collaborative Research Grants

Centenary Professorships

The Trust wishes to thank all the students and academics who participated in the surveys and shared their experience with us.

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