The Trust is very pleased to announced the names and project titles of the students awarded PhD scholarships for tenure from 2014-15 onwards. This year, the Trust received 173 nominations and was able to award 14 Carnegie PhD Scholarships, 1 Caledonian Scholarship (funded by the RSE Scotland Foundation/Caledonian Research Fund) and 1 Henry Dryerre Scholarship (funded by the Royal Society of Edinburgh, Henry Dryerre Legacy).

The successful nominees are:

Carnegie Scholarships


Christie, Claire. Farming on the edge: Towards an understanding of the first farming societies of Shetland. Aberdeen, Dept of Archaeology, supervised by Dr Gordon Noble

Biomedical Sciences

Morley, Victoria. Evaluation of novel Parkinson’s disease models generated by genome engineering of rodents. Glasgow, MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine, supervised by Dr Kunath


McCarter, Adam. Carbocyclisations based on difluorinated enols. Strathclyde, Dept of Pure & Applied Chemistry, supervised by Prof Jonathan Percy

Seath, Ciaran. Stereocontrolled Access to C-Linked Saturated Heterocyclic Architectures. Strathclyde, Dept of Pure & Applied Chemistry, supervised by Dr Allan Watson

Earth Sciences (Geography & Geology)

Christie, Frazer. Assessing ice loss in northern West Antarctica. Edinburgh, School of Geosciences, supervised by Dr Robert Bingham, Dr Noel Gourmelen, & Dr Hamish Pritchard (British Antarctic Survey)


McLaughlin, Robert. Ælfric of Eynsham and his afterlives. Glasgow, Dept of English Language, supervised by Dr Kathryn Lowe & Professor Jeremy Smith

Mathematics and Statistics

Giurghita, Diana. Unifying principles of migration at multiple scales: linking cancer research to ecology. Glasgow, School of Mathematics & Statistics, supervised by Prof Dirk Husmeier

Glennie, Richard. Generalizing distance sampling models to give more robust methods for analysing wildlife survey data. St Andrews, School of Mathematics & Statistics, supervised by Prof Stephen Buckland

Johnston, Craig. Self-Consistent Heating of Solar Magnetic Fields due to Surface Plasma Motions. St Andrews, School of Mathematics & Statistics, supervised by Prof Alan Hood

McDougall, Emma. Low dimensional homotopy for inverse semigroups. Heriot-Watt, School of Mathematical & Computer Sciences, supervised by Dr Nick Gilbert

Olukoya, Feyisayo. Decision Problems in Groups of Homeomorphisms, St Andrews, School of Mathematics & Statistics, supervised by Dr Collin Bleak

Wilson, Wilf. High performance computing with semigroups. St Andrews, School of Mathematics & Statistics, supervised by Dr James Mitchell


McMillan, Fraser. Mandates and accountability from the top down: elite political culture and the programme to policy linkage. Strathclyde, School of Government & Public Policy, supervised by Dr Heinz Brandenburg


Branigan, Heather. Using Metacognition to Enhance Educational Outcomes in Primary Education. Stirling, Dept of Psychology, supervised by Prof David Donaldson & Dr Christine Stephen

Caledonian Scholarships

Biological Sciences

Miller, Ona. Covalent attachment of bacteria to the host – a novel virulence mechanism shared by significant human pathogens. St Andrews, School of Biology, Supervised by Dr Ulrich Schwarz-Linek

Henry Dryerre Scholarship


Vandrey, Brianna. An investigation of the role of the lateral entorhinal cortex in episodic memory. St Andrews, School of Psychology & Neuroscience, supervised by Dr James Ainge

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