Andy Speech resizedThe Annual Meeting, held on 29 May, was the last meeting of the Trust with Sir David Edward in the Chair. Sir David first became a Trustee in 1996 and has been Chairman since 2003. During the meeting Vice-Chairman, Lord Kerr spoke for all Trustees when he thanked Sir David for his huge contribution to the Trust – always with great authority, sagacity and good humour.

As a former Judge of the European Court of Justice, Luxembourg and an Emeritus Professor of the University of Edinburgh he had a wealth of experience and expertise to call upon as he guided the Trust in delivering its objectives in the most effective manner possible. This included full personal involvement with all the activities that the Trust undertook and the maintenance of very close links with each of the fifteen universities of Scotland.  Sir David expressed sadness at standing down after twelve years in the Chair and thanked the Trustees and office staff for all the support he had received. He was confident that the wishes of Andrew Carnegie will continue to be carried forward by the Trustees and their new Chair and he wished everyone well for the future.

The Meeting confirmed the appointment of Professor Anne Glover – former Chief Scientific Adviser to the President of the European Commission, and Chief Scientific Adviser for Scotland – as the new Chair. Anne Glover resizedProfessor Glover said, “It is an honour for me to succeed Sir David and I am aware that I will have to work hard to meet the very high standard that he has set over quite a few years both as a Trustee and as Chair of CTUS.  I am inspired by what Sir David, the Trustees and the staff of CTUS have achieved to fulfill the intentions of Andrew Carnegie for the Universities and students of Scotland and I am looking forward to continuing to develop CTUS in the next few years in partnership with the Trustees and Staff”.

Also standing down as Trustees were Charlie Robertson, David Smith and Janet Lowe, all of whom had served for many years with great distinction. Their contributions were gratefully acknowledged. Earlier in the year Principal Chapman had left Heriot-Watt University to take up a new position as Vice- Chancellor of Edith Cowan University, Western Australia.


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