As previously announced, the Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland is in the process of reviewing its grant portfolio as part of a general strategic planning exercise. Important changes to the eligibility criteria for the Research Incentive Grants are being implemented ahead of the September 2017 deadline.

Applicant eligibility: the scheme will be restricted to Early Career Researchers. For the purpose of the Trust, an Early Career Researcher is defined as a researcher who is within 7 years (pro-rata for part-time staff and excluding breaks such as parental leave, extended sick leave, secondments outwith academia or periods of unemployment) of starting his or her independent academic career.

Award value: The maximum value of grant will be £10,000 and the minimum £1,500.

Online submission: During summer 2017 the Trust will be introducing a new online application system ahead of the September 2017 deadline. More details about  the new system will be published shortly.

Lastly, we aim to increase the number of awards we make each year by about 25% – corresponding to around 17 additional grants.

The next deadline is 15 September 2017.

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