Over the years, the Trust has funded thousands of undergraduate and postgraduate students in the Scottish universities. Today we rely on a database but the records of our former beneficiaries, dating back to 1901, are also available electronically. Indeed, the original index cards which recorded the awards made until the early years of the 21st Century have been preserved digitally.

Although it is not possible to physically consult our archives, the Trust welcomes requests from former grant recipients, or their descendants, wishing to obtain an electronic copy of the records held by the Trust.

ORR JOHN BOYDOur former beneficiaries include Nobel Prize recipients such as Lord John Boyd Orr who received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1949. John Boyd Orr was from Ayrshire and studied Biology and Medicine at the University of Glasgow before becoming a leading expert on nutrition.

During the Second World War, he proposed the idea of a world food plan to President Franklin D. Roosevelt. He later became the Director General of the Food and Agriculture Organization, the first specialised body established by the United Nations. His tuition fees for the University of Glasgow were paid for by the Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland.

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