First two Carnegie Research Workshop grants awarded

Two leading groups of researchers have been awarded funding to organise international research workshops on key global challenges under the Carnegie Research Workshop scheme.

Prof Nehal Bhuta

Artificial Intelligence and the International Rule of Law

The first proposal selected for funding is led by Prof Nehal Bhuta (Law, University of Edinburgh) and looks at the relationship between international law and emerging applications of artificial intelligence (AI).

The workshops will focus on three specific areas: AI and the battlefield; AI and welfare policy and AI and refugee determination and border control.

The series of workshop will be jointly organised by Professor Bhuta and Prof Christopher Johnson (University of Glasgow), Dr Liz McFall, Dr Mark Sprevak and Dr Rebecca Sutton (all from the University of Edinburgh).

Continental climate change: simple models to understand the future

Dr Michael Byrne

The second Carnegie Research Workshop awarded funding will define the agenda for the next decade of continental climate change research. Led by Dr Michael Byrne (Earth Sciences, University of St Andrews) will bring together leading experts from Scotland and around the world to focus on the physical mechanisms controlling continental climate. Dr Byrne will be developing the workshop with Prof Gabriele Hegerl (University of Edinburgh), Prof Jack Scheff (University of North Carolina at Charlotte), with support from Marie MacRae (University of St Andrews).

Continental climate scientists come from a variety of disciplines including climate science, hydrology, meteorology, ecology, geography, geology and physics. The Workshop presents a unique opportunity to assemble the leading researchers from across these disciplines so as to boost interactions between the individuals and institutions at the forefront of the field.


The two projects are funded as part of the pilot run by the Trust during academic year 2018-19. A further 5 proposals for workshops are expected to be funded in 2019-20.

About the Carnegie Research Workshops

The Carnegie Research Workshops aim to advance new research ideas  addressing issues at the forefront of current scientific, technological, environmental, intellectual, cultural or societal developments. Proposed workshops should focus on the development of new research directions in an area of key relevance both to Scotland and globally with the aim of strengthening the international leadership position of the Scottish academic community. By instigating sustained and focused discussion between researchers, the Carnegie Research Workshops will facilitate the exploration of topics that have both substantial importance and clear common ground for further collaborative work with new national and international partners.

For more information about the scheme and the first two projects selected, visit the Carnegie Research Workshop page.