Employer Responses to Dementia in the Workplace in Scotland

This project aims to is to explore how employers in Scotland support their employees with dementia.

KIAA0319: a molecular window to understand the link between dyslexia and asymmetries

This project aims to combine different molecular genetics and cell biology approaches to pinpoint the exact function of KIAA0319.

Engineered culture surfaces for the isolation and expansion of bone fide mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs)

This project aims to unlock the true potential of MSCs following their expansion in a supportive environment.

Shining Light on Magnetic Molecules – Saving Tomorrow’s Memories

This project aims to form a synergetic interaction between SMMs.

Investigation of Flapping Wings as a Means of Hydroelectric Power Generation

This project aims to model efficient kinematics inspired by fish locomotion, with an innovative low-order method that takes unsteady and viscous effects into account, in order to enable a step change in the efficiency of flappingwing energy harvesters.