Edwin Goi

History, St Andrews

Tenure since 2015GoiEdwin

Concino Concini, Maréchal d’Ancre: Pamphleteering and Power Politics in Early Modern France, 1610-17.

Edwin's research examines the regency of Marie de Medici (1610-1617) and the career and reputation of the regent’s minister-favourite, Concino Concini, Maréchal d'Ancre.

Despite its importance to the subsequent politics and political culture of Louis XIII’s personal reign (1617-1642), the period of the regency and its most controversial figure continue to be overlooked by generation of scholars.

His research seeks to address this historiographical lacuna by examining the politics of the regency as well as the career and reputation of Concini. It hopes to uncover the nature and sinews of Concini’s power and wealth. It seeks also to understand his role in the regency government, his policies and patronage network, and his relationship with the regent, the king, and the princes du sang. In doing so, it hopes to answer the vital questions of why there were so many princely rebellions during the regency and whether the controversial minister-favourite was the instigator of these civil disorders or merely a political scapegoat.

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