Boying Liu

Engineering, Robert Gordon

Tenure since 2015

Boying LiuControl of Multistable Dynamical Systems with Applications in Oil and Gas Industry

Scotland has been one of the industrial powerhouses of Europe from the time of the Industrial Revolution onwards. Nowadays, it is a major challenge for power intensive industries in Scotland to utilize renewable energy in order to ensure long-term sustainable economic growth.

Strategies for engineering systems to reduce their energy consumptions are to become compulsory. The project will develop new control strategies for general engineering systems to maintain their performance within a satisfactory level by using minimum control energy.

The project has the potential to innovate the current control technology, and such a technique would be suitable for sustainable engineering applications and could make significant economic impacts. The project will pay a special attention to the applications in oil and gas industry, particularly for deep downhole drilling, but the applicable areas of the project can be even broader including but not limited to biology, mechanics, electronics, optics, neuroscience, and so on. 


Prior to Boying's PhD research work, he completed my BEng degree in Mechanical and Offshore Engineering from the Robert Gordon University through a joint “2+2” BEng programme with the China University of Petroleum (Huadong). In the first two years of the programme, his study subject was Oil and Gas Exploration, and thereafter he got a direct entry of Year 3 in the Robert Gordon where he was awarded the Mobil Prize for the Best Student in Year 3, one of two students who were honoured out of 150+ students in the school.

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