Stuart Flannigan

Physics, University of Strathclyde

Tenure since 2017

Designing electron transport in nanoelectronics with quantum simulators

Stuart Flannigan PhDMy research will focus on computationally and theoretically investigating the fundamental physics of electron conduction for future nano-electronic devices. Understanding the quantum mechanical properties of electron dynamics is becoming an ever increasing necessity as our technological capabilities progress and our electronics shrink towards the nano-scale. Now, with recent improvements in experimental techniques it is possible to create an artificial crystal structure using lasers. And by confining ultra-cold atoms in this crystal structure we can experimentally simulate the behaviour of real materials with the atoms now playing the role of the electrons. These systems allow for the parameters of the crystal to be continuously varied throughout the experiment - a feat not possible using a conventionally grown material.
I will tune my theoretical analysis towards an experimental realisation with these quantum simulators, and will attempt to predict interesting consequences of certain crystal structures, define optimal experimental regimes in which to observe these effects and propose potential applications for nano-electronic devices


I am from Helensburgh, a small town on the river Clyde not too far from Glasgow. I began my career studying towards an electrical engineering degree before changing paths and doing my undergraduate degree in Physics at the University of Strathclyde. I completed my final year research project with the Quantum Optics and Quantum Many Body Systems group at Strathclyde and am currently working towards my PhD with the group. In my free time I like running, reading and the cinema.