Samuel White

Samuel White

Law, University of Dundee

Tenure since 2017

Does the UK’s current legal framework offer sufficient protection of fundamental rights?Samuel White

Samuel grew up in Ireland and moved to Scotland to study law at the University of Dundee in 2012. Since graduating in 2015 he has made Dundee his home and has worked in counter-financial crime and regulatory compliance at a financial services firm there, whilst keeping his hand in at law as a director at an access to justice charity. 

Whilst at university Samuel had a particular interest in human rights and constitutional controls on power; he won the Henry Scrymgeour Prize for Justice, Law and Human Rights and spoke at the Trinity College Dublin Law Students’ Colloquium on the subject of human rights and parliamentary sovereignty. He also served on the inaugural editorial board of the Dundee Student Law Review and was an active member of the Dundee International Law Society. Outside law Samuel is a keen sailor and runner (he recently completed his first half-marathon). He also enjoys travel, food and reading - often at the same time! 

The purpose of Samuel’s research is to examine whether the UK's current framework for human rights protection offers a sufficient level of protection of fundamental rights. It seeks to argue that the UK's constitutional law prevents guaranteed protection of fundamental rights. It will assess this by charting the history of human rights in the UK, particularly in the era following the Second World War, before going on to look at the efficacy of the current framework considering, inter alia the constitutional doctrine of parliamentary sovereignty.