Wilf Wilson

Mathematics, St Andrews

Tenure since 2014

High performance computing with semigroups. 

Wilf's research is in mathematics, in the area of computational semigroup theory. In essence, he creates theoretical and practical algorithms which allow calculations to be performed (as thumb wilf wilsonefficiently as possible) with semigroups. He does this using mathematical ideas, and tries to incorporate new ideas from computer science, like parallelisation.

Emma McDougall

Mathematics, Heriot-Watt

Tenure since 2014

thumb Emma 1Low dimensional homotopy for inverse semigroups

Emma's research is concerned with different ways to describe algebraic structures that model symmetry.

Edwin Goi

History, St Andrews

Tenure since 2015

Concino Concini, Maréchal d’Ancre: Pamphleteering and Power Politics in Early Modern France, 1610-17.

thumb GoiEdwin

Edwin's research examines the regency of Marie de Medici (1610-1617) and the career and reputation of the regent’s minister-favourite, Concino Concini, Maréchal d'Ancre.

Boying Liu

Engineering, Robert Gordon

thumb Boying Liu

Tenure since 2015

Control of Multistable Dynamical Systems with Applications in Oil and Gas Industry

Scotland has been one of the industrial powerhouses of Europe from the time of the Industrial Revolution onwards. Nowadays, it is a major challenge for power intensive industries in Scotland to utilize renewable energy in order to ensure long-term sustainable economic growth.

Shayo Olukoya

Mathematics, St Andrews

Tenure since 2014

Decision Problems in Groups of Homeomorphisms

thumb Feyishayo Olukoya

Shayo's current research can be broadly described as decision problems in groups of homeomorphisms. In particular, he have been focused on some subgroups of the group of homeomorphisms of cantor space.

Heather Branigan

Psychology & School of Education, Stirling

thumb Heather Branigan PictureTenure since 2014

Using Metacognition to Enhance Educational Outcomes in Primary Education

Heather's research examines the transition of ideas from mainly laboratory-based psychology research into the primary school classroom, with particular focus on the ways children think about and manage their own learning (‘metacognition').

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