Presentations by 2021 Vacation Scholars

This year, the Carnegie Vacation Scholarships went ahead with the vast majority of projects taking place remotely due to the continuing Covid-19 pandemic.

Sadly, again we were unable to hold our Poster Competition for Carnegie Vacation Scholars. Instead, all Carnegie Vacation Scholars 2021 have created a presentation explaining their research and findings in the form of 3 slides. These presentations can be viewed here.

Despite challenging circumstances this year’s Vacation Scholars have shown incredible resilience and adaptability to ensure the success of their projects. Sarah Marinoni from the University of the Highlands and Islands said the following about her experience conducting her project:

“The support of the Trust enabled me to conduct lab-based analysis of cremation-pyre charcoal from the site of Love Lodge Farm, Carmarthenshire, to investigate how the Bronze Age inhabitants of South Wales utilised woodland resources for their funerary activities. The research has allowed me to determine which arboreal taxa were preferred for cremation rituals and identify some evidence that past societies used sustainable woodland management practices to maintain their source of alder and apple-type wood.

This project not only gave me invaluable experience in charcoal analysis, but provided a great foundation for future work, which includes a collaboration with my supervisor for the writing of an academic paper on the prehistoric exploitation of woodland at the site of study.” Sarah Marinoni, University of the Highlands and Islands


Awarded: 81 Scholarships

Field: Any academic field

University: All Scottish HEIs

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