Presentations by 2020 Vacation Scholars

This year, the Carnegie Vacation Scholarships went ahead with the vast majority of projects taking place remotely due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Sadly, we were unable to hold our Poster Competition for Carnegie Vacation Scholars. Instead, all Carnegie Vacation Scholars 2020 have created a presentation explaining their research and findings in the form of 3 slides. These presentations can be viewed here.

Despite challenging circumstances with limited or no access to university labs, archives or other research facilities and resources, this year’s Vacation Scholars have shown incredible resilience and adaptability to ensure the success of their projects. Jack McKinlay, from the University of the West of Scotland said of his experience:

“Since beginning my university education, psychological research has been of great interest to me as I am fascinated by the understanding and implications that can come from such research.

“I currently volunteer at a school where I work with children and young people with additional support needs, including ASD. I understand the difficulties such children face and the need for support. Support from teaching staff and parents is key for the development of creating well-rounded young people, and, it is my hope that the findings from my study can identify areas for intervention needed to help support parents’ understanding of inclusive education, meaning that this study has real life implications.” Jack McKinlay, University of the West of Scotland

Awarded: 70 Scholarships

Field: Any academic field

University: All Scottish HEIs

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