Boying Liu

Project Title: Control of Multistable Dynamical Systems with Applications in Oil and Gas Industry

Multistability is an ubiquitous phenomenon in the real world, such as in biological neurons, the climate, chemical reactions, drill-strings in oil well drilling, electronic oscillators, vibrational energy harvesters, optical ring cavity and resonators, etc. There are two characteristics of multistable systems. Final state of a multistable system depends on the initial condition of the system and the system is very sensitive to noise. This makes control of multistable systems challenging.

Various control methods have been proposed and they are divided into two groups, namely feedback control and nonfeedback control. Moreover, the goal of control of multistable systems is to steer the system to the desired stable state and keeping the system in this desired state under the impact of noise and external disturbance. Furthermore, the dynamical systems in different conditions require that the systems stay in different desired states. For example, the energy harvesting system requires response of the system with large amplitude and the energy reducing system requires a response with small amplitude. My project investigates multistable systems in the oil and gas industry and seeks to establish how to control these systems to improve their efficiency and reduce energy costs.

Boying Liu is a Carnegie PhD Scholar in Engineering at Robert Gordon University, start year: 2015-16. His doctoral research is supervised by Dr Wai Keung Fung, School of Engineering.

Awarded: Carnegie PhD Scholarship

Field: Engineering

University: Robert Gordon University

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