What we do

In the words of our funder:Andrew Carnegie bw

"I, Andrew Carnegie, [...] having retired from active business, and deeming it to be my duty and one of my highest privileges to administer the wealth which has come to me as a trustee on behalf of others; and entertaining the confident belief that one of the best means of my discharging that trust is by providing funds for improving and extending the opportunities for scientific study and research in the universities of Scotland, my native land, and by rendering attendance at these universities and the enjoyment of their advantages more available to the deserving and qualified youth of that country to whom the payment of fees might act as a barrier to the enjoyment of these advantages..." Trust Deed, dated 7th June 1901

Our award schemes

Andrew Carnegie’s original intentions remain at the heart of our work: to enrich the scholarly capability of Scotland’s universities and to help those of limited means to benefit from higher education through different funding streams: