• Vacation Scholarships

    The Vacation Scholarship Scheme is for Scottish Undergraduate students who would like to devote some portion of the long vacation to undertake a programme of independent research of direct benefit to their academic work.

  • Carnegie PhD Scholarships

    The prestigious Carnegie PhD Scholarships support up to sixteen new postgraduate students each year.

  • Research Incentive Grants

    Research Incentive Grants enable Early Career Researcher to establish new lines of enquiry...

  • Archive of Grantholders

    Author Nan Shepherd, like many other Scots, received funding from the Carnegie Trust to attend university.

  • Andrew Carnegie

    The Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland was created by Andrew Carnegie on 7 June 1901.

  • Legacies

    Generous legacies and donations from former grant recipients and supporters help us continue Andrew Carnegie's legacy.

  • Undergraduate Tuition Fees

    Undergraduate Tuition Fee Grants support students who do not receive government funding towards the costs of their tuition fees following withdrawal from a previous course of study, academic repeats or because of their residence status.

Closing dates

Open 1 Jun - 30 Nov 2018 Undergraduate Tuition Fees

28 February 2019 PhD Scholarships

13 March 2019 Research Incentive Grants

1 April 2019 Vacation Scholarships

Latest News

  • New Research Workshop Funding scheme launched 10 Oct

    The Carnegie Trust is piloting a new grant scheme: Carnegie Research Workshops. This aims to support the advancement of new research ideas addressing topics at the forefront of current scientific, technological, environmental, intellectual, cultural or societal developments.

  • Highlights of Carnegie Vacation Scholarships Event 2018 12 Sep

    On the 5th September 2018 we welcomed 66 Carnegie Undergraduate Vacation Scholars to our first Carnegie Vacation Scholarships Event held at The Mansion House, Edinburgh Zoo. 

  • 59 new Research Incentive Grants awarded 05 Jul

    Following the March 2018 deadline and a thorough peer review process, the Trust is pleased to be able to support a total of 59 new projects led by Early Career Researchers in the Scottish universities. The successful projects, covering a wide range of academic disciplines, received funding totalling £495,627 with an average grant value of £8,400.

  • Legacies from former Carnegie grant recipients support a new generation of undergraduates 14 Jun

    In recent weeks, the Trust has received two generous legacies from former students who were funded by the Trust during their studies. The donations will enable the Trust to continue providing living costs bursaries to the recipients of the Carnegie Undergraduate Tuition Fee Grants.