An Undergraduate Tuition Fee Grant:

is helping Shelly to

retrain for a new career in Social Work

Shelly McColgan, University of the West of Scotland, BA Social Work

A PhD Scholarship

is enabling Tanith to

explore new treatment options for Alzheimer's disease

Tanith Harte, University of Strathclyde, Biological Science

A Research Incentive Grant

is helping Hamid

test the optical trapping of nanoparticles in fibre microcavities to minimize their interactions with the environment

Dr Hamid Ohadi, University of St Andrews, Astronomy & Physics

Vacation Scholarships

encourage undergraduates like Jun

to manage a project and develop their research skills

Jun Yu Chen, University of Glasgow, Biomedical Sciences

St Andrews Society Scholarships

fund alumni of Scottish universities

undertaking postgraduate studies in New York

Michael Macfarlane, Glasgow School of Art alumnus is studying at the Parsons School of Design, Graphic Design in 2018-19

A Research Workshop Grant

is enabling Prof nehal Bhuta and colleagues to

lead international workshops exploring the relationship between international law and emerging applications of artificial intelligence

Prof Nehal Bhuta, University of Edinburgh, Law

What we do

Our purpose is to extend opportunities for both study and research in the universities and institutions of higher education of Scotland.

Our grants and scholarships seek to improve access to university, encourage the development of research skills in undergraduates and postgraduates and enable academics to establish new lines of enquiry.

2020-21 in numbers

£1.83 million

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The Carnegie Community is a network of current and past grant recipients created to encourage sharing of experiences and to support their career and personal development.

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Donations and legacies from former beneficiaries, grant recipients or other supporters help us carry on and extend our activities in the changing landscape of Scottish higher education.

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Donations to the Trust are generally made in support of our grant activities. Your donation can contribute to the Trust’s funding schemes as a whole or be allocated to a specific purpose.

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Case Studies

Albara Elgehani, Heriot-Watt University


Amanda Gard, Abertay University

Sport Science

Dr Yigit Demirel, University of Strathclyde


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About the Carnegie Trust

What we do

The Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland awards over £2.5 million to undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as researchers through various grant and scholarship schemes.

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The Carnegie Trust’s Board of Trustees oversees the delivery of the Trust’s strategy. The Board is chaired by Professor Dame Anne Glover, with Professor Sally Mapstone as Vice-Chair.

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Historical records

The Trust holds over 100,000 index cards recording awards made to individuals from 1901 to the start of the 21st Century. These provide invaluable insights into the history of the Trust’s grantmaking activities.

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