Dr Josie Geris, Aberdeen


Funded September 2014.

Integrated approaches to assess multi-scale water sources, flow paths and residence times in changing landscapes.

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Dr Valerie M Sheach-Leith, Robert Gordon


Funded September 2014.thumb valerie sheach leith

Mothers and infants: investigating perceptions of body weight in the first nine months through photo-elicitation.

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Dr Olof Johansson, Edinburgh


Funded September 2014thumb Olof Johansson

Laser control of novel magnetic materials at the nanoscale.

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Dr Wasiu Popoola, Edinburgh

Electronic & Instrumentation Engineering

Funded September 2014.thumb PopoolaImageHigherRes

A pilot study of visible light communication and illumination quality.

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Dr Saeko Yazaki, Glasgow

Theology & Religious Studies

Funded September 2014.thumb Saeko Yazaki

Dismantling the East-West dichotomy? - The development of trans-traditional teaching of Sufism and Zen in Britain.

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Dr Heidi Burdett, St Andrews

Geography and Geosciences

Funded September 2014.thumb Heidi Burdett 1

Past, present, future: environmental tolerance of Maldivian corals, and impact on the nation’s natural capital.

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