Dr Felix Schaeffler, Queen Margaret University

Clinical Audiology, Speech & Language

Funded March 2015.thumb Felix Schaeffler

Mobile voice monitoring for occupational voice users.

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Dr Khaled Ahmed, Aberdeen


Funded March 2015.thumb Khaled Ahmed

New Multi-MW High Power Density DC Transformer for Offshore Wind Farm.

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Dr Alison Cathcart, Strathclyde


Funded March 2015.thumb alison cathcart ali photo

Archipelagic Insular Communities and the Early Modern British State.

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Dr Anne Crilly, West of Scotland


Funded March 2015thumb Anne crilly

Investigation of protease activated receptor 2 (PAR2) in T regulatory cell development and effector function.

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Dr Kirsty Crocket, Highlands and Islands

Biogeochemistry & Earth Science

Funded March 2015.thumb kirsty crocket

Groundtruthing rare earth element behaviour in cold water corals - pilot data acquisition.

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Dr Mario Vallejo-Marin, Stirling

Biological & Environmental Sciences

Funded March 2015.thumb Mario vallejo marin

Importance of phenotypic and ecological novelty in speciation by whole-genome duplication.

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